NYCGP • PUMA Motorsport Racing Experience

F1 is Racing Puma into the Future of Retail

Brief: To immerse shoppers in a seamless mix of technology, art and creativity, the store had to offer opportunities for shoppers to engage directly with the brand through apparel customization. The store isn’t simply about selling products, but providing a space for consumers to engage with and better understand the brand.

Challenges: Build awareness through brand storytelling and make a Connection Through personalization. F1 racing isn’t as popular to North Americans as it is to the brand’s home in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, though the motorsport experience aimed to change that in a personalized and exhilarating way.

Solution: A virtual racing experience set on the streets of New York City, rendered at scale and true to life all in PUMA’s new 18,000 square foot flagship store. The PUMA Motorsports Experience features specially designed F1 simulators, leaderboards, registration kiosks, race and data live streams as well as a mobile microsite.

Role: I was in charge of the overall Design Direction and execution of the NYCGP Digital Installation, working closely with the User Experience Designers, 3D Artists, Animators and Developers.

PUMA Motorsports Experience




Design Direction + Design

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