Brief: Nest Power Project aimed to raise awareness of the energy burden, help people struggling with high energy costs, and create a platform for people to help one another.

Solution: On this site, people could search for their ZIP code to find or fund local aid programs that fight poverty caused by pressing energy bills. By featuring energy poverty through personal stories, it put the issue on the map with the aim of erasing it.

Impact: Within the first few days, the Power Project raised over $8,000 in donations. Consumer awareness was key to bringing this under-reported issue to light, the 250,000 visitors who visited the site helped achieve that.

Role: I was involved in helping the Creative Director to come up with creative solutions. I was in charge of the Design Direction and execution.

  • Projectpower project
  • Clientnest
  • Agencymedia.monks
  • Year2018
  • RoleDesign Director
  • Type of workDigital Campaign


  • christy srisanan
  • alex danklof
  • elvira arslanova